Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Not Getting What You Deserve

I've peed on the seat before.....honestly, I've missed the seat entirely a few times.

I've pretended that I didn't see the person rushing to make it onto the elevator, just so I didn't have to share a confined space with them. 

One time, a homeless guy was panhandling at an intersection while I was at a red light and I rolled down the window to give him a buck.  While he was limping over to the car, the light turned green, and I didn't feel like waiting......So I left him there without giving him the dollar.

Since becoming a father, I actually think an even larger percentage of babies are uglier than I did before.

I think fat people are funny.  Not just because they're fat, but in general.  They make me laugh.

I've blamed my cell phone provider for keeping me from having countless conversations with people I don't want to talk to.

I'm critical, sarcastic, impatient, and consider myself smarter and better looking then the majority of people I meet on a daily basis.  Unless you're an existing or potential client.  Then you're I consider you Ken Jennings and George Clooney's love child.

Everyone says, "Nobody is perfect".  That's me.  I'm not perfect, not even close.  I'm not a perfect father to our son.  I'm not a perfect employee to my company.  I'm not a perfect partner to my girlfriend.  Shit, sometimes I'm just downright bad at those things.

Yet, here I am in Norcross, GA (no offense, but why do you choose to live here?) on a work trip, thinking to myself about how lucky I am, in spite of myself.  I hear people bitch about not getting what they deserve, and if you really think about it, how many of us get EXACTLY what we deserve??  Probably very few, if any.  And if we did....we probably wouldn't want it.

In spite of my sarcasm, and urge to punch snow birds (elderly transplants, not an actual bird. - that would just be rude), I have a beautiful, hard working girlfriend that I don't always deserve.  A happy, healthy and perfect baby boy that I can't believe will call me daddy soon.  I have a job and all the opportunity in the world to better myself and my families quality of life. 

Instead of focusing on all we don't have, do what I do, try to be a little bit less of an asshole today, and stay grateful for all that you do have.  Cheers to not getting everything in life we actually deserve.