Friday, December 16, 2011

It's More Than Just A Drink

There are die-hard fantasy football nerds.  There are raging alcoholics.  Hard core gamers, reality TV devotees, and movie marathoners.  Facebook fanatics, tech junkies, and text-a-holics.  I never understood or empathized with addicts.....of any sort.  I thought the people who would wait in line for 83 hours, just to get the newest and latest cell phone, were extremists who just needed a friend.  But...I get it now, I understand.

Because that's how I feel about coffee.  Playing with my coffee is like playing with my emotions....and your well-being.  Especially in the morning.  I'm all about living a healthy lifestyle, and try my best to avoid consuming anything that might shave years off my life - smoking, alcohol, drugs, pixie sticks, etc. But, this is one of those things that's just going to have to stay with me, God willing.

Trying to explain to me why coffee isn't good for me is like staging an intervention for a chain smoker, while they're smoking, inside of a cigar bar, while they're gathered with fellow friends to honor the passing of the Marlboro Man.  You don't have a prayer.  Save it.  I'm not saying it's right.....I'm just saying I don't care.

I'll be honest with you - one of the key attractions I have towards my girlfriend was when I found out she prepared the coffee pot in the evening, so that there was nothing to slow her/us down in the morning.  I would love to learn how to set the automatic brewing timer....but I just don't trust technology with something so crucial.  However, the video below is the best adult clip I've come across in quite some time.  Sit back, and enjoy!

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