Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Not You....It's My Food

As another work week comes to an end, another weekend of over-eating and gorging myself of all things protein approaches.  Some might say I'm using this weekend of pre-Thanksgiving feasting as practice for this upcoming Thursday.  Those people would be wrong.  Not to brag, but....I need no practice.  I practice every weekend.....the only difference being that one weekend every year comes forty-eight hours early.

I love the whole set up.  The lame cornucopia piece, which, by the way, doesn't seem like a very convenient carrying device at all.  The fake leaves used for decorating that someones cat is sure to eat and be unable to completely digest.  The dry turkey you'll be eating for the next 8 days.  The over-peppered mashed potatoes. And, my personal favorite, the cylindrical cranberry sauce.

This time spent with friends and family is designed to give thanks.  Reflecting on all that we're grateful for.  But.....let's be honest here, it's about eating.  And football.  And eating.  And family.  And eating.  And not working.  And eating pie.  Lots of pie.  So, attempt a conversation if you must.....but understand that when I give you a look like a confused rabid truck driver with gravy and yams in my beard - it's not's me, and my food.  So back off pal!  Your story about your nephews amazing slap shot can surely wait till after I'm done digesting.

Yes, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving - as much as I look forward to every Friday/FoodDay.  But, like Independence Day, I celebrate Giving Thanks every day, and don't wait for a calendar to tell me when it's my day to indulge on delicious food!  Eat up, give me some space, enjoy the game, and throw away that ridiculous sweater the second you can.  Ahhh, this really is the most wonderful time of the year!!

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