Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Career Is In the Garbage

A while back I walked downstairs from my apartment to throw out the trash.  I open the recycling bin and sitting there, in all its glory, is someone's "Career In A Box".  In the midst of laughing and feeling remorse, I pull out my phone and made sure to capture this not-so-Kodak moment.

I honestly couldn't have staged it better myself.  There, among perishable items, is a filing cabinet that once held someones professional documents.  Or was it much more than that?  Was it their life-long ambitions?  Or their fantasy job?  Perhaps it was a part-time position just to make ends meet.  Or possibly, and most likely, one of several stops along this "opportunity hoppers" journey.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?  A firefighter?  A police officer?  An astronaut?  Or (like me) James Bond?  Whatever it was for this individual in particular, I'm sure as a youngster they didn't see themselves ever having to dispose of their career in a large yellow receptacle.

I knew that, eventually, and reluctantly, I would have to give up my dream of becoming a "Double-0".  However, my inner-Bond will always hold onto the belief that I will one day drive an Aston Martin.  And thankfully, I have been fortunate enough to find my version of a "Bond Girl" as well as owning several custom made suits.  I don't say that to brag. In fact, there's a good chance that a martini, regardless of it's shaken or stirred, would make me sick.  I've even given up on introducing myself as - "Stewart.  Jack Stewart".

I simply say it to encourage you to hold onto those same child-like dreams.  Deep down, there's still something that has to stir your soul, and even if it isn't something you do to pay the bills, don't neglect and ignore those dreams all together.

Go be a volunteer firefighter is that's what you dreamt about.  Donate your time to an animal shelter if you aspired to become a veterinarian as a kid.  Just because your career may be in the "garbage" doesn't mean you need to throw your dreams in there with it.  One door closes, and another opens.  Thats not just usually the case - it's ALWAYS the case.

Not to get too deep, but there's something powerful in this picture.  One person is "throwing away" what they once were excited about doing for a living.  However, nothing really disappears entirely.  It's just recycled.  Maybe the door that this individual closed, opens for someone meant for that position?  You never know what's going to happen tomorrow professionally, or personally.  But, like my mentor Jim Rohn use to say - "If there's hope for the future, than there's power in the present."  Simply put - no hope, no future.

Hang in there, and if nothing else, keep recycling until your goals, career, and dreams align!

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