Friday, January 6, 2012

Fatherhood: The Newest & Biggest Chapter of My Life

The story of my life is a book I would want to read.  But, equally as important, and much less narcissistic, I think it would be a story others would want to read.  Sure, I'm young, and maybe right now it resembles a short story more than a novel or collection.  But it's also still in production - every day.  You can find it in the humor/business/drama/inspirational/cooking/non-fiction section.  The newest chapter will likely be the largest, most interesting of them all.  And it's in a department of the bookstore I have yet to venture in to.

Who knew that a small plastic stick would have such a huge impact?  Learning you're going to be a father is possibly the biggest reality check a man can experience.  Like a kaleidoscopic on speed, images start popping up in your head faster than you can actually process them.  Boy or girl? What will they look like? Things you want to experience with them.  Your parents.  How to raise them?  Finances?  Taking care of their mother during the next 8 months.  Home size, car safety, college planning.  Etc. Etc. Etc.

Within 24 hours I start motoring through websites, magazines and books that are parent related.  I figure THIS new job I just landed as a father is my most important, so I better be prepared.  But, does anything really prepare you for it?  Like in sports, you can practice all you want.  But nothing really prepares you for actual game speed and the pressure associated with it.  I know I'm suppose to be "nervous".....but I'm just not.  Not sure if that's entirely normal or not, but my male ego kicks in and gets excited about the challenge.

Maybe the two best bits of advice I've gotten so far have been:

- The most important thing a father can do for their children is to love their mother.
- Think about the things you wished your father had done with/for you, and then commit to doing those things with/for your children. [from my uncle]

I think I like both of those most because they're so simple, so straightforward.  Certainly not always easy, but definitely doable.  What I've gathered so far is that it comes down to caring more than you've ever cared about something before, and learning from those around you - both from the positives and the negatives.

But, let's be honest here:  Its obvious that the child is helping this new father grow as much as I am committed to raising them.  So far, they seem to be doing a great job publishing the next chapter of my life.  I'm learning quickly, my mind is still absorbing information rapidly, I'm optimistic, and I have energy in abundance.  I'm learning so much from him/her, and I'm looking forward to repaying them and sharing all they've taught me in July.  Stay tuned.....this story is getting interesting!

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