Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 3 of 26: Weight For Me

There's burpees, wall ball shots and kettle bell swings - of the american variety.  We'll run around the "island", down to Southern, and follow it with some rowing.  Dead lifting, thrusting and dipping with chains are of the norm.  Front squats, power cleans, pull ups and chin ups will rock your world.  Do "AMRAP" (as many rounds as possible) and you'll be left feeling like you're DOA.  Pushing myself to my "PR" (personal record) made me feel like I needed the ER.

It's just a workout, and I'm not a paid spokesman.  But you will question your manhood in this "box" (gym).  More than learning all the acronyms and abbreviations, I'm learning to push myself....sometimes to the limit, but always past my comfort level.  This theory has worked for me professionally, financially, relationally....and now, physically.

162.5 lbs (+2.5 lbs)
The scale is not broken. It's accurate. Trust me.                                                   

Making the decision is the easy part, but true success and results come from making important decisions, and then managing those decisions every single day.  What decisions have you made, for 2012, that are helping you grow, and reach your goals?

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