Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week 1 of 26: Fit To The Death

Is it possible to die from trying to live a healthy lifestyle?  Granted, working out hadn't even entered my mind over the past 10 days of vacation.  And yes, it's true, I did eat my way across nearly every city in between Los Angeles and San Francisco while away.  Still, I walked into my first CrossFit iQ session confident - maybe even slightly arrogant.  "I work out 3-4 days per week, how hard can this be? I can do this!" , I announced to myself.

And within 5 minutes I was gasping harder than a fish not just left out of water, but dropped in the Sahara.  Pushed to my sooner than expected limit, I just start sucking in whatever oxygen my lungs will allow.  The trainer asks, "How's it going Jack??"  I force a pained smile, trying to mask the fact that my respiratory system is acting like it's not yet ready for the New Year and decided to take another week off. I manage to give him a "thumbs up".  In my head I'm saying, "Screw you trainer guy!!  I hope you drop this kettle bell  on your toe, which probably also has muscles."  My pained poker face fools no one, especially him.  He's seen this look a million times before, I'm sure.  I'm grateful that the music is blasting, because my wheezing sounds like the opener to the Andy Griffith Show.

Listen, there are a lot of horrible things that a human body can go through, and I'm convinced that Burpies are near the top of that list.  I keep thinking that my second wind is surely right around the corner...wait for it.....wait for it......nothing.  Still struggling, still (somehow) managing to get another rep in. Until, what seemed like 3 hours, the hardest 30 minute workout of my life is over.  That's right, 30 minutes.  Seems like nothing now that I think about it, but don't make the same wrong assumptions I did.  It's no joke.  It's not easy, and I'm convinced that CrossFit will totally humble anyone not in tip-top shape.

My mission (or challenge from my unsympathetic, cruel yet sweet significant other) - gain 20 healthy pounds of muscle by June 15th.  Each week I'll take a picture of the weight that registers on the scale, and we'll see how it goes. No cheating, no excuses, just hard work.  Most people are trying to lose weight as a New Years resolution - and I'm trying to gain weight.  In truth, continue to do what I can to be as healthy as possible.  If you're resolving to do the same in 2012, check out CrossFit iQ in West Palm Beach.

For anyone wondering, yes, it IS possible for your ears, chest, arms, lips, legs, and feet to all be sore simultaneously.  Next class is on Thursday - and like Bart Scott, "Can't Wait!".

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