Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 2 of 26: Same Weight, Different Day

Five CrossFit sessions in six days.  Not bad, right?  I feel great, and am feeling better after each class.  To my surprise I had begun to transform into some sort of human walrus, and developed a layer of blubber to help keep my core temperature up during the winter months, from lack of cardio.  I'm happy to say that I was able to shed my coat of fat in just a few, albeit intense and painful, workouts.

I've heard several people compare CrossFit to drug usage.  Now understand I might be the worst person to compare anything to drugs or hallucinogens. The only high I've ever experienced has been a food high after a Victoria & Alberts meal.  But, courtesy of CrossFit iQ, in less than a week I have seen stars, felt winded beyond belief, on the verge of light-headedness, and thought I was dying.  Again, not speaking from experience, I can now understand why CrossFit is sometimes compared to paranoid pill poppers.

In a great way, of course.  I've never felt better about working out, and where I'm heading.  Something amazing happens when you see the clock hit 3 - 2 - 1, and the trainer say "GO!" My body flips a switch.  A switch that triggers adrenaline, excitement, determination,  and I begin to anticipate the pleasure that comes from the pain.  With nothing to compare it to, this is the best kind of drug I've taken.

Now, with that being said, you also should expect to feel a type of hangover way more painful than any you've experienced after a weekend bender you went on in college.  It hurts, and it hurts so good.  It's like a regular reminder every time you stand up that whatever the hell a "Sumo Dead-Lift High Pull" is, works!  You want to rest, but your body is already hooked.  As if that's not scary enough, you're surrounded by the worst kind of enablers imaginable.  The kind that actually WANT you to do more, feel more, hurt more, and take you to your limit.

160 lbs.

My philosophy is, one day at a time, one workout at a time, one pound at a time.  Regardless of how much weight I gain over the course of 26 weeks, there's no question that my body will see the side effects of regular 30-45 minute binge exercises from CrossFit iQ.  If you're not excited about getting your fix from your neighborhood gym routine - come find us in the back alley, we'll be the ones that the out-of-shapers cross the street to avoid, shake their heads at, don't quite understand, yet secretly envy.

How is YOUR CrossFit experience going??

What advice do you have for a new gym rat??

What are you eating/drinking in addition to your workouts??

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