Monday, October 17, 2011

Doing It In The Morning

I can't help it, it's just better in the morning.  Don't get me wrong, I have no argument against doing it in the afternoon or evening either.  Honestly, any time that I can get a quick session in does my mind and body some good.

I know not everyone is able to do it in the morning, but there are so many reasons why you should at least try.  Your mind is more alert and fresh in the morning, first of all.  There's nothing like starting off your crazy, hectic and stressful day with something that will surely make you smile and take your mind off of all the other "noise".

Your attitude also changes immensely.  I find that by spending just a small amount of time doing it, say a 5 or 10 minute quickie, your outlook towards any daily challenges become more positive.  And why wouldn't they!?  

To me, nothing is more exciting than being able to do it in the morning, attack the rest of my day, come home, have dinner, and know that there's a very good possibility that I'll get to do it again!  I really can't think of many other better ways to start and end my day!

READING has been a huge part of my success in life; professionally, health wise, financially, and, yes....relationally.  A popular saying is "Experience is the best teacher."  I don't agree with that statement.  In my opinion, someone ELSES experience is the best teacher.  There's simply not enough time in 10 lifetimes for you or I to figure it all out.  We need to divulge as much information from others who have dedicated ten, twenty, even thirty or more years studying different areas of success in life.  It's our only hope of getting the most out of ours.

At least twenty-five percent of Americans did not read a single book in it's entirety last year!  Fourteen percent of US adults actually don't know HOW to read!  Reading is beneficial for so many reasons, and now would be as important of a time as ever for us to start.  The economy is in the tank, and unemployment is running rampant throughout the country.  If you don't equip yourself with some new knowledge, you'll be passed ten times over, eventually becoming too antiquated to work in the same field you started in.

There's a saying, "Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers."  Throughout the course of my interaction with a new sales professional, one of the first bits of information I'm trying to uncover is what, if anything, they are currently reading.  It may seem silly, but nearly every top sales and business professional at our organization has a tenacious reading habit.  It's beneficial to you in nearly every area.

Studies even show that readers volunteer, attend sporting events and the arts, do outdoor activities and exercise at higher rates than non-readers do.  Show me someone succeeding in different areas in life, and I'll show you someone who has a great reading habit that's STILL getting better!

Start slow if you need to - maybe a chapter a day, or even for 10-15 minutes.  And don't read just anything.  Read something beneficial to you in one of the "Four Corners of Successful Living":  Health, Wealth, Profession and Purpose, and Relationships.  You may like James Patterson, but he's not going to help you earn that next promotion, or show you how to connect with your spouse on a deeper level.  

This time of year is perfect to pick up a new book, especially with winter right around the corner.  It's probably "crunch time" mixed in with some days off.  Use these upcoming vacation days as a time to recharge while continuing to develop yourself in different areas.  Focus on, as Jim Rohn says, "Goal achieving activities versus tension relieving activities."


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